How can I keep my hands warm indoors and still use my hands?

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How can I keep my hands warm indoors in cold weather when I need the use of my fingers to do fine finger work?

I ran into this problem myself recently. My hands felt like ice sometimes when I was writing and typing so I had to find a solution or two or it would hamper my work. I found three things that helped me. When my hands are way too cold I stop and have a nice hot mug of tea or hot chocolate and sue that time while my hands warm around the mug to think about what I am doing next. The other odd little trick like that I use to warm my hands is to do dishes or laundry when I need to warm up. It is an instant way for me to warm my hands up , be constructive with my time and get that added bonus of alleviating the chill for awhile. Sometimes though I can’t stop what I am working on, whether it is fine finger control crafts or writing. Then the handy dandy pair of inexpensive gloves came in to play. A number of stores sell really inexpensive knit gloves for a buck or two. Buy a pair of those, but cut the top part of each finger of the glove off down to just past the first knuckle. Some fine work cannot be done with gloves in the way, so cutting off the tips keeps the rest of your hand warm and still allows you to have the use of your finger tips. It is a simple trick but it works great. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I keep my hands warm indoors and still use my hands?"

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