How can I keep my kids entertained and calm on long road trips?

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What are some good on the road car trip activities for kids and how can we keep them from fighting over things?

For long trips it is often necessary to bring things along to keep the kids occupied. They can enjoy the scenery for awhile and notice what is around them outside of the car but in reality that will only keep them occupied for a short while. Variety is one of the main things you need to keep in mind in order to keep the kids occupied and calm. Driving on a long car trip with squabbling children is not only annoying; it is dangerous for the driver and the passengers with too many distractions. There are so many options for kids now from the very basic and simple with ideas like, colouring books, books, drawing supplies, and favourite toys or dolls to hand held electronic games, personal music and portable DVD players that can run on batteries or recharge in the car. For any of the music or electronic options, make sure everybody has headphones for their own respective pieces of equipment or the noise could be overwhelming for everybody in the car. If possible give each child their own space to set up and keep their things, sort of like little rooms in the car that each child has some control over. That will help prevent fighting over what belongs to whom or who brought what. Maybe have them each bring a nice sized backpack packed with their own entertainment items. Try playing some family interactive games too like indentifying license plates or word games. Make sure you stop periodically to let the kids and the adults stretch their legs. Variety and individual tastes are key in deciding what to bring to entertain kids on a road trip but they do need to know the realities of your family budget when you plan the trip. Have a nice trip! Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I keep my kids entertained and calm on long road trips?"

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