How can I make my kids try new foods and not fuss?

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I want my children to be adventurous eaters and not fussy like some of my friend’s children. They are only 2 and 3 right now. I want to be able to take them places to eat where they won’t fuss because they can’t have hamburgers or chicken strips. What should I do?

Once a child starts eating solid food, it is the right time to start exposing their palates to something besides fast food fare and kiddy food. Kiddy food is fine but not all the time. Get them used to different foods at home to begin with where you can deal with fussing without bothering other diners. The more you expose them to variety in foods the better. Don’t just cater to what they are used to. I have been with friends and family who let their kids ruin the meal for everyone around them because they refuse to even take a bite of anything new or different and the parents just let them behave that way. There is nothing like a screeching child to ruin a decent meal out for everyone around you. Take turns giving them their simpler favourites at home and then trying new foods that you eat too. Don’t give them the option. The meal is what is served. If they are hungry enough, they will eat it. If you give in to them all the time, they will never be adventurous eaters. To start with you can disguise things they don’t like or are refusing to try too by putting foods in casseroles or sauces. Get them involved in the food preparation at whatever level they are capable of helping. That will help to make them appreciate the foods more. Take them out to less formal, family friendly places to begin with so they get used to how they need to behave in a restaurant. Let them see how much you yourself enjoy trying new things and share them with your children in a positive way. Don’t make it miserable for them or they will fight it but encourage them to try new foods. Enjoy the adventure! Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I make my kids try new foods and not fuss?"

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