How can I relax at night with so much on my mind?

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How can I relax at night with so much on my mind?

Sometimes it is really hard to get your mind off of all your troubles and worries. I use a few tricks that do help me. I write lists. By letting go of the problems and putting them on paper, you can set them aside for awhile without feeling guilty or feeling like you are losing control of the situation or that you will forget something you really need to remember. Sometimes writing them down is enough to let go and relax a little bit. You can always pick up your troubles later. Writing the things down that are making your mind work on overtime makes them more concrete too so you may be able to deal with them better. You can even write some possible solutions next to them that you can deal with later after you are rested. Another thing to do is to work on something if you really can’t get rest. Try doing something creative or something mundane. Write, draw, sew, build, whatever helps you release some of the tension that is keeping you from sleeping. Even watching a movie or television show or playing non- stressful games online may help you unwind enough to relax so you can sleep. Talk to someone if you feel that may help. Having another pair of ears to listen can help you unwind and even get feedback that may help you to deal with the problems and worries that are keeping you awake. Exercise is another good thing but do it earlier in the day, not right before bedtime. Basically you want to let go and be distracted long enough that you allow your mind to unwind so you can rest. Sweet dreams! Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I relax at night with so much on my mind?"

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