How can I save money on a restaurant bill?

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How can I save on restaurant bills and still be able to go out once in awhile?

Many people are looking for ways to cut corners and still be able to live their lives. The restaurants themselves are no exception to that idea. Many of them have cut down portion sizes and stopped offering some items in order to keep customers coming and the prices down. Generally speaking many sit down restaurants offer a smaller meal for less money at off hours or at an earlier meal out like lunch time. That is often a better time to go out and still have the enjoyment of a meal at a restaurant. Watch for specials that they may offer but be aware that the word special may not always mean a bargain. It may only mean a special item offered that day. Compare the prices on the menu to special prices. Sometimes though, special does indeed mean a discounted restaurant item. Stay away from high ticket items like alcohol if you can or limit your consumption of them at a restaurant. Those drinks add up quickly on a tab at the end of the meal. It is a sure way to get hit with sticker shock. For items like soft drinks make sure the refills are free before you get more. One option is to skip that kind of small luxury and drink a glass of water with your meal instead. If you have a limited budget it is a good way to save a little on the meal. Skip the dessert unless that is what you went there for. Desserts can be very pricey and they are often more than you need to fill you up after a meal anyhow. Finally watch your local mailers and newspapers for possible coupons or special offer ads to your favourite restaurants. Many places are trying to draw customers back or even in for the first time so they may have been putting flyers or ads out. Enjoy your meal out! Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I save money on a restaurant bill?"

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