How can I treat dry, cracked feet?

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How can I treat dry, cracked feet?

Dry cracked feet are not only unsightly at times, they can actually hurt if the cracks are bad enough. Plus they catch on clothing and bedding and snag socks or stockings. Keep your feet clean. That will help prevent dirt from building in the dry skin and drying it out even more. If you already have dry cracked feet that look and feel awful, soak them in warm water. Then get a pumice stone or a pumice stone on a long handle designed to work on rough feet and work the dead skin off. You may have a buildup of skin that needs to be removed and softened, You are basically sanding it off. This may take a few tires to remove enough to make a difference. You may want to do this after each bath or shower to prevent more from building up on your feet. Once the excess dead skin is rubbed off. Then you want to treat the smoother skin underneath. Moisturize both of your feet, even the areas that don’t have an accumulation of cracked and dry skin. Make sure you massage it in well. There are foot care creams that are made for this purpose. They work even better than a regular moisturizing cream to soften the skin on your feet. At night you can keep your feet moisturized then wrapped to help the moisturizers work better and stay on the dry skin longer. Dry cracked skin may be worse in the summertime when you are not wearing shoes and socks that insulate and rub the skin on your feet help to keep your them softer. Be sure to clean and moisturize your feet after summer outdoor outings like swimming and going to the beach or park.

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The answer to "How can I treat dry, cracked feet?"

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