How do I clean eyeglasses properly?

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How do I clean eyeglasses properly?

Eyeglasses are easy to clean. Your glasses get dirty from constant touching and adjusting and from being in environments with contaminants like cooking in the kitchen or working in the garden. Like any delicate surface though eyeglasses need to be cleaned with care. Do not use scratchy papers or paper towels if you can avoid them. Use soft cotton cleaning cloths or a soft fabric of some kind. Glasses can get scratched easily of you use the wrong thing to clean them. Paper products can also leave a residue from the chemicals used to make them. When you get you eyeglasses ask your eye doctor for a cleaning cloth to go with them. They are made specifically for eyeglasses and they can be used many times over. That makes them environmentally a better choice too. If you keep it in a small case you can stick it in a purse or wallet, in the car or wherever you are likely to need your glasses cleaned and the cloth will be clean for use each time. You can also buy them at local drugstores. If the eyeglasses need more than a basic wipe to get clean use a cleaner made for eyeglasses that will not cause discolouration. If you have neither of those options, use a very gentle liquid dish soap with warm water and a soft wash cloth or even your clean fingers under the water if you need to. When you clean the lenses, wipe both the front and the back of each lense carefully. If you use water, dry them carefully, again with a soft cloth. When you aren’t wearing them, keep them in a case to protect them further. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do I clean eyeglasses properly?"

Question asked on February 3, 2011at 2:00 pm:: Comments (1)

39DollarGlasses sends a Microfiber cleaning cloth with every pair of glasses we sell. It is SO important that lenses are cleaned with a soft cloth that will not be abrasive to the lens. Even polycarbonate lenses can scratch if they are cleaned with an abrasive cleaner or cloth!

Posted by: Lisa on February 4, 2011 at 8:45 am

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