How do I cure a cold?

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I’ve had a bad cold for over a week, and was wondering if you know of any good home remedies for helping me get over this cold?

The doctors tell us that a cold is a virus and that the only thing that makes a virus get better is time and rest. To that, I say, “Hogwash!” Then, I get scared that I sound too much like Granny and remind myself that real people don’t talk that way. If you do just have a virus, the doctors are right, of course. But most of the time what I think of as a cold is either my sinuses, allergies or some kind of throat infection. So, remember that old advice “Feed a cold, starve a fever?” Forget that too…it’s wrong. Whenever your body is sick it needs fuel (that’s food to you and me) to fix it. Start with a spicy dish, made with real peppers. Personally, I prefer Mexican with fresh jalapenos, but curries and other spicy dishes work just as well. The key is to use real, fresh, hot peppers. Those things have more Vitamin C than the average citrus fruit and the hot usually clears the sinuses right out. I always know Mexican food will help me breathe again. Then, to make yourself feel better, use this old remedy passed on to me by an Italian friend. Her grandmother said the key to beating a cold was a good ngiht’s rest, so you start by warming up a cup of red wine. If you prefer, to make this taste better, you can add cinnamon or allspice. Take two aspirin with the warm wine. Make sure to drink it while its warm. Then, brush your teeth and off to bed, wrapped up in something warm. After a good night’s sleep, the cold may not be completely gone, but it will be well on its way.

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The answer to "How do I cure a cold?"

Question asked on April 28, 2008at 7:54 am:: Comments (1)

What’s wrong with saying “Hogwash!”??? I say that all the time, Mama!! And I am TOO a real person! Pinch me. Wait. Don’t.

When I get a cold, I like to make sure that there’s lots of humidity in the air; that helps the ol’ mucous membranes do the job they were created to do. But you’re right, food’s the best start for a cold remedy.

I’m glad that spicy mexican food works for you; it’s really the capsaicin in the peppers that does the trick. Don’t you remember the chicken soup I spooned down your open mouth when you were little? (You looked like a baby robin…) Anyway, I always made chicken soup with lots of garlic (natural antibiotic) and lots of red pepper flakes, plus fresh veggies for vitamins. And look how you turned out!

Need I say more?


Posted by: Granny on May 4, 2008 at 6:06 pm

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