How do I cure a foul vaginal odor?

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how to cure a foul smell from the vagina

I suppose the first question I need to ask seems rather obvious, but you never can tell. You have been washing, right? There are tons of very mild “feminine wash” products on the market, but a very diluted soap mixture will also work. Do NOT use anything harsh or scented. The body maintains a very even chemistry and when that chemistry gets out of whack, you get unpleasant odors. Wipe front to back, keep the area dry.

All good advice you should have gotten from your mamma. I know your mamma told you, ’cause mine sure did, but clean panties are a must and when this kind of problem comes up, you should rely on plain old cotton instead of some sort of sexy lace or nylon. Now, Granny would say that cotton is practical all the time and you don’t need anything else, but if you want silky undies, just make sure they have a cotton liner in the crotch.

Next question. Have you been on an antibiotic lately or eaten extreme amounts of natural antibiotics like garlic? If so, the antibiotics might have killed off the natural and healthy bacteria that keep you in balance. Find a yogurt, either in a drink or just regular yogurt, with active cultures. Make sure the container says it has live cultures in it and eat it daily for at least a week. Yogurt is a natural source of acidophilus, one of those healthy bacterias your body needs to be able to work right.

Finally, go see a doctor. Foul odors generally are signs of infections. While you can help maintain and correct your body’s natural chemistry using the tips here, this is not an area where you want an infection to grow. A simple office visit, usually not even a pelvic, and a urinalysis will help the doctor determine what type of medication you need and restore your fresh, clean feeling.

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The answer to "How do I cure a foul vaginal odor?"

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