How do I fix scratches on a DVD?

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My son scratch my Lord of the Rings DVD (and it’s my favorite movie). It skips pretty bad now, and I can see the scratches. Is there a home remedy for scratched DVDs that I can use to get it to play right?

Boy, it seems like each new technology brings its own problems. First scratched 78’s, LP’s, 45’s, stretched VHS tapes, 6and now, scratched DVDs. Never fear, though; Granny’s got a few things for you to try before you throw out your favorite DVD!

You need to look no further than your bathroom sink for this first remedy. Take some toothpaste (the old-fashioned paste kind, not the gel; I’ve found that plain white Colgate works well) and squeeze a dab of it onto a soft cloth. An optical or lens cleaning cloth is ideal, but you can also use a piece of an old, clean T-shirt. Wipe the DVD from the center outward with the toothpaste, and then rinse it off under running water. Dry it using more clean T-shirt material, then flip it in your player to see if this fixed the problem. If it didn’t, reach into your cleaning cupboard and grab some window cleaner that contains alcohol, like Windex, spray the DVD, and wipe in the manner described above, from the center outward. (Boy, is that old T-shirt getting a work-out today!) Once again, try it in the player.

If it still skips, give Junior a VERY stern look, and dig to the very back of your cleaning cupboard. Grope around in there until you come up with some brass-cleaning solution, like Brasso. Now, I haven’t tried this one personally, so don’t shoot me if it doesn’t work. Rip off another piece of that T-shirt, and apply the Brasso to the DVD, let it dry, then polish it off with a clean cloth. I have also heard of folks using Turtle Wax to restore DVDs; my neighbor told me it fills in the scratches and works like a charm. Again, you apply it, allow it to dry, then buff.

If none of these remedies fix the scratches, just remember that you are no worse off now than when you started this whole process. Also, it might be time for Junior to start delivering newspapers or doing yard work. He’s got to earn enough money to buy you a new DVD somehow. Just send him on down to Granny’s; he can rake my yard, pull my weeds, and clean out the henhouse. That’ll teach him to be more careful with your things!

Anyway, that’s the way we do things, out here in the sticks. Come back here anytime; Granny’s always glad to see you.



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The answer to "How do I fix scratches on a DVD?"

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