How do I get my daughter to pick up without yelling at her?

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I have tried everything to get my 10 year child to pick up after herself and nothing works,and I am tired of yelling, any suggestions?

Setting specific boundaries to get her to do her chores may help. Don’t back down from those boundaries though or she will continue to test the limits. Give her a couple of chances to do what is requested of her and instead of reaching sheer frustration or giving in and continuing to give her more chances, show her the repercussions for not doing her work. Explain to her that if she doesn’t do her work, she doesn’t get her pay, whatever that particular pay may be in your home. If she gets an allowance then say you didn’t earn it and she loses that privilege. If it is a special event or activity she wants to do, don’t allow her to do it until her tasks are done and if they are not done in a specific time frame she loses that activity altogether. Try taking away some item she really likes like a personal music player or her cell phone if she has one, or time with games or playtime with a friend. Make them real repercussions and explain to her that her jobs and responsibilities around your home are her job and like any job, if she doesn’t do it, she doesn’t get the rewards and may lose privileges on top of that. You may get some fuss from her over the rules but when she sees you are serious she will realize she has to do what she is told to or pay the price. Another thing that sometimes works is if she still has refused to clean up, get a big plastic garbage bag, gather all the things she left out and take them away. Then make her earn them back. She might appreciate them more that way and start to take better care of them. Here’s to a clean room! Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do I get my daughter to pick up without yelling at her?"

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