How do I get my kid to do something besides play electronic games?

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My kid is addicted to electronic games and all his game systems. I don’t mind that he plays them but not all the time. Any suggestions?

Yes those games can be really fun and really addicting, even for adults but it isn’t something a child should be doing exclusively. They need to have other interests too to make them more well rounded. He needs to have other physical and creative outlets. Set a specific time limit on how much he is allowed to play on them every day and make sure you reinforce the rule. Make the game time a reward for other accomplishments or tasks you want him to help with around the house. If he refuses to do anything else you are the parent. You can take the games away from him for awhile until he gets involved in other activities. It is nice to have a passion for something but there is a whole world of imagination and activity out there for a child to be involved in. Sit and talk to him about what other interests he has. Help him pursue one of them by taking him to outside activities. Plan family outings that get him away from the electronic mesmer and into some one on one or group activity that involves other human beings in real life settings. Simple outings to the park or beach or even going out for a movie and a meal would be a nice change. Set up board games or teach him some new card games to play with you or some of his friends. Have him try something new he has never done before. He may find himself enjoying the new interests and activities. Whatever works, encourage him to look beyond the screen and set limits on how much time he can play those games. You may get flack from him in the beginning for taking away some of his game time, but in the long run he will appreciate the attention and the exposure to other activities. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do I get my kid to do something besides play electronic games?"

Question asked on May 12, 2009at 10:56 pm:: Comments (1)

Buy him legos. That helps me to get my mind off games. Take it from a gamer one day away from those games KILLS you unless you have somethingg to do. Try taking him somewhere cool to get him away from it. If you cant leave the house than make up fun activities that he will like doing. Now depending on his age pick out a sport for him. I play soccer but long walks or jogs in the morning will do. If you do this often enough he will want to do more than just sit in the house all day and play video games.

Posted by: Nolan on March 9, 2011 at 10:53 am

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