How do I get rid of cobwebs in my house?

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How do I get rid of all the cobwebs in my house?

Cobwebs are an annoyance when you are trying to keep a house clean. Cobwebs get attached to everything in the house from the highest corners of the room to bookshelves, light fixtures and the tops of curtains and valances. They often end up in the most difficult places to reach and clean. They are abandoned spider webs. They are meant to be sticky to catch prey. Unfortunately, they catch everything else too, like dust and dirt particles wherever they are hanging. T o get rid of cobwebs you have to atcually take the time to clean them away from wherever they are sticking. Smaller and more delicate items will have to be cleaned carefully by hand. Cobwebs on curtains and fabrics can be vacuumed off or washed if the fabric is washable. To get high places like light fixtures, ceiling fans, ceilings and high areas of the walls, you can use a long handled broom.A regular broom will work fine, but you do have to remove the sticky cobwebs from the broom head after you get them off the area you are cleaning. Otherwise they may stick to another area as you clean. If you can find one, there are brooms with a bunched round broom head. These work very well, because you can catch the edge of the cobweb and roll or turn the broom so it doesn’t come off before you get it down to remove it. It also grabs the cobweb more easily. There are products on the market to help prevent cobwebs from reappearing, but to get rid of them in the first place takes a little patient work. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do I get rid of cobwebs in my house?"

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