How do I get rid of stretch marks?

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Dear Mamma, my baby is over a year old, but I still have ugly stretch marks! Do you or Granny know any home remedies to get rid of them?

Do you want the good news or the bad news? Good news, stretch marks fade with time. Bad news, stretch marks fade with time. However, you cna help mother nature along with lots of lotion, especially if it contains Vitamin E. The key is to revitalize the healthy skin and tighten up the skin cells. The other bad news is that stretch marks are less noticeable if there is less of you. Yup, a good diet and lots of situps and stomach crunches and leg lifts are your friend. The tighter the abdomen muscles the less stretch in your skin and the less stretch on those stretch marks. There are several very good lotions manufactured that claim to reduce cellulite or fade stretch marks, but the simple truth is that it really doesn’t work that way. All you need is good healthy skin and the ability to thin yourself to a reasonable level. If you really want something natural for your skin and don’t want to buy something fancy with a ton of chemicals in it, consider growing an aloe vera plant. Aloe is very good for burns and is very good for any kind of wound to your skin, including stretch marks. Aloe is a succulent, like a cactus, so if you are like me, you can kill it by watering it too much. Otherwise, they are pretty easy to grow. Keep it in your kitchen and put the gel from inside the leaves on minor burns. You can also use the gel on stretch marks and as a lotion for sun burns, but it is sticky. Just spread it in like lotion and let it dry before getting dressed again.

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The answer to "How do I get rid of stretch marks?"

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