How do I keep my dog cool in the heat?

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How do I keep my dog cool in the heat?

Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat all over their bodies to help them keep cool in the heat. They only sweat through the pads of their feet. They also cool off by panting. The panting releases hot air and pulls cooler air into their bodies. If they are overheated, you may see a dog panting excessively. That is a sign to help them cool off. You can help them to stay cool with different methods. Don’t exercise your dog in the worst heat of the day. That can make them overheat. Keep fresh bowls of water inside and outside wherever they go. Keep the bowls full at all times. Keep a pitcher of chilled water in the refrigerator and use that to fill their water bowl. The cooler water may help them to cool off a little more easily. If it is really hot, give them a treat and hose them down or give them a cool shower or bath. You may have t do this a couple times a day in bad heat waves. You will see instant energy if they cool down some. Make sure they have a cool place to rest in the shade outside or inside. Don’t leave your dog sitting in the sun, especially on an extra hot day. They are sporting a fur coat that can’t be taken off. Imagine what it would be like for you to be wearing something that warm in the heat and what you would need to relieve that heat. Keep a fan blowing and let them rest in that area of the house. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do I keep my dog cool in the heat?"

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