How do I keep people from smoking in my house?

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How do I keep people from smoking in my house? I want them to feel at home but I can’t stand the smoke because of breathing problems and because it just plain stinks up my home.

You have to be blunt but polite when people ask if they can smoke in your home. Let them know what your house rules are from the beginning so there is no questioning it. That way they won’t question it again in the future when they visit again.. They need to respect your wishes if they want to be in your home. You can always post a no smoking sign in your home to really drive the point home to visitors. If they do it without asking you have to stand up and nicely say that they are welcome to smoke outside but not in your home. You don’t have to explain yourself. It is your home. If you really feel you need to explain yourself just say that you have health problems that cigarette smoke exacerbates so they need to smoke outside. That should be enough of an explanation or if there are children around say you don’t want people smoking around the children. You can be nice about it though. Offer them an ashtray or a tin can to go outside with. That way they don’t drop cigarette butts in your yard that kids or animals might pick up not to mention the possible fire hazard of a burning cigarette butt left unattended. Some smokers get offended being told no, but knowing the health issues surrounding smoking they should be aware of the fact that their second hand smoke is a real issue for many people. If they want to smoke badly enough, they will be more than willing to take it outside. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do I keep people from smoking in my house?"

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