How do I keep the cat from eating the dog food and vice versa?

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How do I keep the cat from eating the dog food and vice versa?

One thing you can do is to make sure that you put the cat’s food bowl and the dog’s food bowl in separate parts of the kitchen or garage, or wherever you feed them. Since cats can jump up more easily onto a higher surface, it might be easier to put the cat’s food and water bowls on a counter, tabletop or ledge where the dog can’t reach. Cats are less likely to go after the dog’s food than dogs are to go after cat food. Dogs seem to be more willing to try just about anything, and will if they are given even a small chance, whereas cats are a little pickier about what they eat. This method will not guarantee that the cat won’t get into the dog food, but it will keep the dog out of the cat food. Cat food is higher in fat content and richer than dog food, so a lot of dogs, if they have the chance, will go after a food that smells richer and more interesting. The problem with the dog getting into the cats food is that cat’s systems requires a higher fat content than dogs do. If your dog is in a habit of stealing the cat’s food, they may gain weight. Another thing you can do is to feed them at separate times or in separate areas of the house. Then they will associate that time and that place with their particular food. Feeding your cat or dog in a consistent routine, will teach them when and where they are supposed to eat. Some animals are very territorial about their food. They will know if someone else is getting into their food. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do I keep the cat from eating the dog food and vice versa?"

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