How do I safely remove a tick?

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How do I safely remove a tick so I don’t get a disease?

Not terribly long ago, people taught me that you should strike a match, blow it out and touch the rear end of the tick to make it back out. Oops! Bad idea. The tick could just die fromt he burn. Another option was to use petroleum jelly (That’s Vasoline to most of us!) to coat the tick. The theory was that the tick would then begin to suffocate and back out of your skin to get some air voila, you could just pull it off. Dozens of other home remedies over the years have involved smelly substances like gasoline and kerosene, but the test remedy is a steady hand a good pair of tweezers. Ticks actually have little barbs around their mouths to try to stay imbedded in your skin, so pulling them off with your fingers can be difficult. And, to be honest, no one wants to tough the squirmy, nasty little critters. So, with a pair of tweezers, gently squeeze him (do not crush it) and publl straight backward. Do not twist or its head will pop off and remain under your skin requiring a much more painful extraction and pumping lovely tick-borne diseases into your bloodstream When you get the little bugger out, check to make sure its dead and then dispose of it via flushing or into one of those previously mentioned highly smelly substances like gasoline or kerosene. Just thowing it in the trash will probably mean you get a tick crawling out of the trash and into your home. After you remove the tick, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water and watch it for the next week for signs of inflammation or the target rash associated with lime disease. Recent studies ahve shown that very early treatment with antibiotics can help cure lyme disease, so if a rash like a bullseye appears around the tick bite, see a doctor immediately. Remember that the best way to deal with ticks is to avoid them. In high grass, wear long locks with your pant legs tucked in. Wear long-sleeves in the spring when the ticks first hatch and are at their worst. And after spending time outdoors, do a thorough visual inspection for the little monsters and get rid of them as soon as possible. If you have outdoor animals, try to check them every time they go out, so they are not bringing them in the house to the rest of the family.

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The answer to "How do I safely remove a tick?"

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