How do I teach my children to try new foods?

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How do I teach my children to try new foods?

Make sure you expose them to a variety of food from the very beginning, when they first starte eating something beyond formula or breast milk. The more foods they are exposed to, the more likely they are to be willing to try new foods when the situation arises. If they are fussy kids, combine new foods with old favourites to get them to eat both the old and the new. Make eating an adventure and not a task. Include them in some of the choices. Practice what you preach. Let them see you trying new things and enjoying the experience. It often makes kids curious. Don’t give them alternatives or give in to fussing. What is served is the meal. Praise them when they try new things they are being hesitant about trying. Kids respond to praise. If they feel like they have accomplished something by trying it and see they get positive reactions, even if they don’t eat a lot of it, they may be more willing to try it again or try other new foods in the future. There is a certain amount of discipline involved in getting children to try new foods to. If they know they don’t have a choice, they will eat it. If they feel they can whine, fuss and get out of it, they will. Slowly as they get exposed to different foods as a normal part of their life, their palates will expand. Like any adult kids will develop some favourites that they like more than others. They won’t like everything but they will like more than a child who does not get the same exposure. Make sure you include those on occasion too when you are planning meals or outings. Kids who are willing to try new things are a lot easier to deal with in social settings and new situations when they happen. There is nothing more boring than having to feed a fussy eater the same things over and over. Good luck with your adventurers! Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do I teach my children to try new foods?"

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