How do I tell my friends they can’t have their cats around me?

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How do I explain to friends why I can’t come over with their cats around without insulting them?

I am guessing you have allergies to cats since you did not specify. Going on that assumption you need to let them know precisely why you can’t come over and that it is not an affront to your friends personally but is a health issue. Many people do not realize how ill an allergic reaction can make someone or how dangerous an allergen can be. It is hard to step in someone else’s shoes at times and understand exactly what happens inside of you and to your body when you have an allergic reaction. Allergies to cats can cause severe breathing problems and a number of other reactions including itching and rashes that can be distressing and terribly uncomfortable. It is hard to focus on anything else when you are itching all over or even worse, fighting for a breath because of an allergic reaction to a cat or cats.. Tell your friends what your specific reactions are and back it up by showing them links online so they can understand and empathize. Describe what a bad reaction is like for you and what the severity of it is. If you do go over, take your allergy meds long enough ahead of time to give them sufficient time to settle in and work to protect you. Ask your friends to remove the cats and put them in another room while you are there and to provide a cat fur and dander free place to sit. Most real friends will attempt to understand and alleviate the problem. If they really aren’t willing to try and understand, help or compromise then they need to know you won’t be able to come over but that is nothing against them or their cats, but purely a health and safety issue for you. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do I tell my friends they can’t have their cats around me?"

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