How do I tell my girlfriend I can’t be in her wedding?

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How do I tell my girlfriend I can’t be a bridesmaid in her bridal party because I can’t afford it, without hurting her feelings?

It is an honour to be asked to be in a friend or relative’s wedding. The problem is that it can also be a very expensive event to participate in particularly if you are expected to pay for everything yourself, which is often the case. The dresses or tuxes can get very pricey. Throw in new shoes, getting your hair done, and any other required clothing items. Bridesmaids often throw a bridal shower too and also have ot get a wedding present for the bridal couple. If the wedding is far away, transportation to get there has to be taken into consideration. Airline tickets or even a very long drive can be expensive. If it is out of the area too, the lodging has to be taken into consideration. So although it is an honour to be in a wedding, it is not always financially feasible if you are on a budget or limited income. If the bride or bride’s family is footing the whole bill, that is an entirely different matter altogether. Be honest with your friend. Tell her as honoured as you are at being asked and even though you would like to be in it that it just isn’t something you can handle financially at the moment. If she is a real friend she will understand that and either offer to pay or accept the refusal graciously. It is not a slur against her or your friendship. It is simply a financial reality that you both have to deal with. Weddings are very expensive for everyone involved. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do I tell my girlfriend I can’t be in her wedding?"

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