How do I treat insomnia naturally?

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How do I treat insomnia naturally?

If you do not want to take over the counter or prescribed sleeping pills, there are some alternatives to help you sleep. I have never tried it personally but a number of people I know swear that melatonin has helped them with their sleep and insomnia problems. It is easy to find in many stores that carry vitamins or in health food stores. If you do not want to take pills at all, then there are some alternative methods to help you get to sleep. Do something relaxing right before bedtime. Read a book, watch a movie, write or do some other quiet work. Don’t do exercise before you go to sleep. Try not to go to bed on a totally empty stomach. That doesn’t mean to stuff yourself but put something in your stomach. Make it something mild though like toast or warm soup. Try drinking warm milk. Stay away from stimulants like coffee or anything with caffeine in it or foods high in sugars. Try to keep your sleeping area clean and neat so you can relax without a mess around you. If you have a lot of extraneous noises that bother you from outside sources, try using something that makes white noise to drown out the sharper noises that bother you. A fan works well, or there are there are white noise machines made specifically for the purpose of relaxing you enough to help you to fall asleep. You can also get recordings of white noises with everything from a variety of nature sounds to humming sounds. If it is cold, make sure you are warm. A lot of people find it easier to sleep in a cooler room than in warmer one. The sensation of bundling up can help some people sleep. Something simple like a hot water bottle may help you relax enough to go to sleep. Try one or more of these things to see if they help you fall asleep more easily and knock that insomnia out. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do I treat insomnia naturally?"

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