How do we get our new pet parakeet to not be afraid of us?

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How can we get our new parakeet used to our family so it won’t be so afraid of us? We have only had it a few days.

Anybody, animal or human, has to have a chance to get acclimatized to a new environment. In your bird’s case all these strange new beings are a part of the environment they have to get used to. They have to get used to how these new beings in their life behave and find out whether they are threatening or not to them. They will quickly learn who brings them their food. One thing you can do is bring the cage into the room where you and family members work or sit the most. If it is a portable cage, move it around where the people are in the beginning, even right next to you on a table while you watch television. They will get used to the noise, voices, movements and activity more easily if they are socialized by being around people and not stick in a corner by themselves somewhere. If you want to get the bird used to your hand being in its cage, where it won’t get all flustered when you reach in, put food in when you put your hand in at first and just sit there with your hand still in the cage. After you do this for awhile, the bird may begin to get brave and walk on your forearm or hand once it sees you are no threat. It may take repeated attempts to get them used to you so do it every day, but not at first. At first let the bird get used to being there and around new people. Patience is very important with birds. They can get spooked easily. If you want to eventually have them out of the cage, you might consider getting their wings clipped. This doesn’t hurt the bird. It just keeps it from being able to fly very far. Enjoy your new family member! Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do we get our new pet parakeet to not be afraid of us?"

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