How do you empty an eggshell without breaking the egg?

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How do you empty an egg shell without breaking the egg?

Emptying a full egg without breaking the shell is a bit like blowing up a balloon. First you have to poke an opening on both small ends of the egg. To do this you can use a safety pin or the tip of small scissor like sharp nail scissors. Do it carefully so the bits of egg shell fall out instead of in. That way you can use the egg to eat after you get it out of the egg. Slowly make the two holes a little bit larger. They don’t have to be big holes. If you are using the empty eggshells to decorate or make a craft with, you don’t want the holes too big. Think pencil eraser size at the largest , but preferably make a smaller holes. If you decorate them the holes will have to be covered ,so keep that in mind when you poke the holes. One end will be the end you can put a hanging hook or thread in. After the holes are poked, hold the egg over a bowl and blow into one hole. You are going to blow the contents out of the opposite opening you have poked in the eggshell. When the yolk gets to the hole is when you have to blow the hardest. You will feel it pop through the same way you feel the balloon suddenly start to inflate. Continue to blow until the egg is empty. Then wash the egg and gently run water into it to clean the inside out. Let it dry by standing it up so the water runs out the hole. Then it is ready to decorate. There are also commercial egg blower hand pumps available to buy. I have never tried them though. Have fun decorating your ornaments! Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do you empty an eggshell without breaking the egg?"

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