How do You make beanbags for beanbag games?

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How do you make beanbags for children’s games?

Beanbags are one of the easiest toys to make. You need sturdy fabric, scissors (Pinking shears work best in order to keep the fabric from unraveling while you work on the bean bags.) thread, and either a sewing machine or a needle, and something to stuff the bean bags with. For stuffing you need something that will give the beanbag some weight so that when they are tossed they will be heavy enough to carry some distance in a game. Dry rice, dried beans like pinto beans, or even small plastic pellet balls available at the craft store work fine as filling for bean bags. First you cut two same sized pieces of fabric. You can make the bean bags as large or small as you like but the two pieces have to be the same size and same shape. Turn the two pieces of fabric so that the front side of the fabric is facing the front side and both back sides are facing the outside. It will be inside out to begin with. With the needle and thread or sewing machine, stitch a quarter to half inch seam all the way around the sides of the fabric leaving about an inch on one side open. Then carefully working the fabric turn the almost closed triangle, circle, square or rectangle right side out. Fill the bean bag of your chosen filling. Do not over fill it. You do not want to be stuffed full. You want to have some slight movement inside. Then turning the ends inside on the 1 inch left stitch the final bit of opening front to back so that you have a completely closed up bean bag. These beanbags are really simple to make and even kids can help you make them. Make as many as you like. Now you have your beanbags for the bean bag games. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do You make beanbags for beanbag games?"

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