How do you trim your own bangs?

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How do you trim your own bangs?

Buy a decent pair of either hair trimming scissors or feathering scissors that can automatically layer your bangs and feather cut them when you trim your bangs. You have to have really sharp scissors to do a clean crisp job of trimming your bangs. If you try to use dull ones the bangs won’t cut properly and you may end up with jagged uneven bangs. It is frustrating too trying to cut hair with scissors that are not sharp enough. One you have the scissors brush or comb your bangs smooth. You can cut them wet or dry according to your preference. Some people find it easier to cut damp hair but if you do it that way be aware that trimming hair wet may result in the hair coming out shorter when it dries so keep that in mind as you trim your hair. It is possible to trim bangs without a mirror once you get used to doing it but the best way is to stand close to a mirror. That way you can see precisely what length you are cutting your bangs and how straight or accurate you are making the cut. You can also use a comb as a way to control the bangs as you cut them if you are having a difficult time getting them to stay still while you trim the bangs. If you are unsure of how much to cut off of the length of your bangs, cut a little off at a time and go all the way across the bangs. Then you can always go back and trim more off if you didn’t cut enough off of your bangs the first cut across. It doesn’t matter if you cut too little, but if you cut too much, you are stuck with your bangs the way they were cut until they grow out. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do you trim your own bangs?"

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