How should I treat a burn?

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Is it alright to treat a burned hand with ice? What else should I do?

You don’t want to put ice directly on anything but a minor burn. It can damage the skin even more. Don’t use salves or ointments on open burns either. They will seal in the heat and not reduce it. It can make the burn worse too. What you need to do first of all is cool a burn off to take the heat out of the burn. You do that by running cold water over it or filling a bowl or cup with cold water and sit down somewhere and soak your hand in the cold water. Then let it soak a bit. It helps pull the heat out of the burn and reduces the pain from it too. If the burn is in an area where you can’t immerse it, then wet cool compresses will help, like on a sunburn. Make sure you change them often though to continue pulling out the heat from the burn. If the burn was through clothing that may have stuck to the wound it will help loosen that from the burn too. If the burn is minor you can wash it with water and soap. Don’t burst any blisters that form because that will open the wound up to possible infection. It is better to let it stay sealed by the fluid in the blister. It is like a natural bandage. If the skin is broken, loosely bandage it to keep the air off of the burn. It will help keep it from getting infected. Be gentle with burns. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How should I treat a burn?"

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