I really want to have kids, I am only 19- but now i am scared to because if the world is coming to an end I don’t want to. please give me some adv

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Dear Granny- im scared to wake up in the morning. Rice is getting scarce, polar bears are dying, oil prices are going up, the u.s. dollar is worthless. I really want to have kids, I am only 19- but now i am scared to because if the world is coming to an end I don’t want to. please give me some advice-

Awww, honey! First, let me give you a great big tight hug; no one should have to wake up scared in the mornings. Next, I want you to sit right there in that rocking chair, drink this cool glass of sweet-tea, and listen to the birds sing and the insects buzz. Feel the sun on your face, and relax so you can actually hear what Granny’s got to say.

Dearest child, what a difficult world you’ve inherited! It was bad enough for us back in the day when the newspaper, radio, and later television all trumpeted gloom, doom, war, and destruction; now we have minute-by-minute updates from the Internet as well. It is scary and depressing to hear news of famine, disasters, economic fluctuations, and climate change. And it doesn’t help that many folks believe that we’ve dug a deep environmental hole ourselves by our extravagant waste of resources. It purely exhausts the soul.

Now, regardless of cause, effect, and predictions it’s helpful to realize that, in certain instances, we’ve been in places like this before and managed to climb out through sheer determination. During the stock market crash in 1929 and the Dust Bowl environmental disaster afterwards, I imagine many young folks felt the same as you do right now. World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam Conflict and the Cold War marched right behind in succession. During tensions with the USSR, it was just an accepted fact of life that total nuclear annihilation was a distinct possibility. Children were taught to head to fallout shelters in their schools, and some folks built family shelters under their backyards. It’s very stressful to feel powerless, and that’s what’s got you wakin’ up in such a sorry state every morning: powerlessness and uncertainty.

So, take charge in little ways. Be greener, recycle, reduce waste, reuse when you can. Avoid toxins inside yourself and out. Plant trees, flowers, herbs, plan a vegetable garden. Decide to walk when you can. Celebrate each day. Laugh. Yes, you are only one person, but you ARE one person. Become active in global causes; it helps to see that you are not alone. And find hope and comfort in God.

Now, I am not about to tell you who to worship, who hears your prayers. Granny and God have a pretty comfortable relationship going on here; He always manages to kindly let me know when I’m stepping into His territory. I’ve been known to worry about the same things that are bothering you, but worry never changed anything in this world, and it never will. All worrying does is sap you of joy.

I know you’ve seen this before, but it seems appropriate here because it helps us to remember to divide things up into their proper categories. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.” I happen to have that on my wall. No, it doesn’t guarantee me sound sleep every night, but it certainly does help.

As to whether or not you should have children-Honey, I can’t answer that question for you. To me, a baby is always a reason to rejoice. The poet Carl Sandburg (one of my favorite poets) said that “A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on.” I don’t regret for one instant having any of my children, and times were not always easy. I recognize that my grandbabies are growing up in a far different world than the one I was born into. But I would not have denied any of them life just because I was unsure what the future held.

I can’t tell you that the world won’t end tomorrow. It’s not my job to know that. I can tell you that the things I do today, the love I show, the hands I hold, the laughter I share-Those make a difference.

And any time you need a hug or a hand to hold for awhile, you just come on back here. Granny’s always glad to see you.

Love, Granny

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The answer to "I really want to have kids, I am only 19- but now i am scared to because if the world is coming to an end I don’t want to. please give me some adv"

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