Is 4 months old too young to start reading to a baby?

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I have a 4 month old baby. Is it too early to start reading to her?

My feeling is the earlier you expose a child to reading the better. It is something I have done with a number of babies, mine and others, and they really did enjoy it. Although an infant may not be able to absorb the abstract concepts and words yet, they will respond to the attention and to the stimulation. Then babies will also begin to associate the reading activity with something positive that makes them feel good. Their minds are like brand new sponges and they absorb everything around them. Listening to you read also helps them begin to understand the basic idea that spoken language has some meaning. The rhythm and repetition in beginner’s books reinforces the learning. They just like your company too so they get a double pleasure from this reading activity. Pick books for babies that are bright and simple. Don’t forget they learn a lot by what they can stick in their mouths too. There are wipe-able plastic books and washable or wipe-able fabric books available at books stores and sometimes at department stores that are baby safe so they won’t get ruined. It is fairly easy to make your own fabric books too if you are a sewer or craftsperson. You want to get books that have bright bold pictures or photos and simple ideas. By getting books that are more at their level you make it more appealing to the baby too. You can make in a more interactive activity too by play acting some of the words along with the baby, while making physical motions for some of the words using their body motions too. The physical stimulation helps reinforce the learning. Have fun reading to your baby! Mama Nono

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The answer to "Is 4 months old too young to start reading to a baby?"

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