Is chocolate milk as healthy as plain milk for my kids?

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Is chocolate milk just as healthy as plain white milk for my kids?

Milk contains vitamin D and calcium. Both are important for the growth and maintenance of healthy bones. Calcium is good for your teeth too. Growing kids will benefit from drinking milk, whether it is plain or chocolate,unless they have some health issue that makes it a bad idea to drink milk. In that case there are alternative sources of calcium and vitamin D. Milk can help prevent osteoporosis in older people so even though there are arguments over when to stop consuming milk, many doctors and nutrition experts recommend daily consumption of milk on into adulthood. Non-fat, low fat and regular milk contain the same vitamins as chocolate milk does. Calorie content and fat content differ for each type of milk and chocolate milk can be non-fat, low fat or regular just like plain milk is. The one difference between chocolate milk and regular milk of any fat content level is the sugar level and the calorie content. Chocolate milk adds more calories to any glass of milk, at least 50 calories or more depending on how much chocolate and sugar is added to the milk to make it chocolate flavoured. Multiply that out to all the milk some kids consume and that is a lot of added calories. Don’t forget sugar has to be added to chocolate milk to make it sweeter. So much sugar is added to packaged foods as it is, so chocolate milk might be something to give kids sparingly or for special occasions. Since some kids don’t like milk though, that may be the only way to get them to drink it. Basically plain milk and chocolate milk are a healthy drink choice, but the added calories and sugars in chocolate milk may be a consideration when choosing what kind of milk to let kids drink all the time. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Is chocolate milk as healthy as plain milk for my kids?"

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