Is it alright for my 3 year old to watch the same movie over and over?

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Is it alright for my 3 year old to watch the same movie over and over? It is her favorite.

Some children find comfort in watching a favourite movie or movies over and over again. There is continuity in it. Usually they outgrow it after awhile. In some ways this is no different than a favourite stuffed animal, doll or blanket for some children or even a favourite book that you read over and over to them. In fact you can use it to your benefit too if your child is cranky or sick and needs help to be soothed. I knew one little girl who watched Disney’s Little Mermaid over and over. Her sister loved The Dark Crystal and Disney’s cartoon version of Robin Hood. I think they just about had them memorized. Between the two of them their love of those movies became a source of wonderful imaginative play for us. We acted out scenes and expanded on the characters over and over. It was quite humorous at times too. I let them take the lead and create the scenarios we play acted. If she won’t do anything else but watch that show, then you need to get her doing other things, but if it gives her a sense of comfort or continuity and is a source of creativity and imagination then let her enjoy it. Make sure you introduce her to other movies and shows though so she knows there are others to watch. As a parent, the repetition of the favourite movies and books our kids like can sometimes drive us nuts. I know after awhile there are times I just tune it out and do something else while they enjoy it. Watching a favourite movie is a simple innocent pleasure for the kids that gives them comfort and enjoyment. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Is it alright for my 3 year old to watch the same movie over and over?"

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