Is it OK to nurse my baby in public?

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Is it OK to nurse my baby in public?

Some places will not allow you to nurse a baby in public. You have to respect the rules and wishes of people around you too. Not everybody is comfortable watching a mother nurse her child. We are taught to be private and yet when a mother nurses a baby we expose an area of the body that we consider more private. Nursing a baby is a normal and healthy thing to do. But how you do it, especially in public, can be important. It is simple enough to be discreet when you are breast feeding by covering the baby and breast while the baby is feeding. There is nothing really to be embarrassed about, but there are appropriate ways to feed your baby in public. Even people you are close to may feel uncomfortable seeing you nursing openly. Others may find it a beautiful expression of motherhood and perfectly natural. You have to be aware of the people and situation around you. It seems like a silly thing they have to worry about it all since it is one of the most natural things between a mother and child. But society and cultures are not always comfortable with the openness of breastfeeding. You can always withdraw to another area to breastfeed in public or go to a spot where there are not so many people around. Obviously when your baby is hungry he or she are going to need to be fed and it is not always convenient to have to leave in order to feed your baby. Make sure you carry a simple feeding blanket with you whenever you go out so that when your baby needs to feed, you will be able to give her or him the nourishment they need without making others around you uncomfortable or breaking any rules of public behaviour. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Is it OK to nurse my baby in public?"

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