Is organic food healthier than regular food?

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Is organic food healthier than regular food?

Nutritionally speaking there is not a lot of difference between organic and nonorganic produce. Organic produce is grown without using chemicals that a lot of other farmers use. That means they do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Organic farmers are also required to conserve water and treat the soil in certain ways. Some of the chemicals used in fertilizers and pesticides can be harmful to the environment and to the animals that are around the area the plants are grown in. Obviously is healthier to eat produce that has not had chemicals added to them. But if you’re asking about the actual nutritional value of the fruit or vegetable itself there is not much difference, if any, between nonorganic and organic produce. Some produce absorbs the chemicals found in pesticides and fertilizers more easily. Fruits and vegetables like spinach, strawberries, potatoes, sweet bell peppers, grapes, celery, peaches, cherries, lettuce, apples, nectarines and pears have been listed as produce that is most contaminated with pesticides. Organic fruits and vegetables tend to be more expensive because they do not use the pesticides to kill off the bugs and diseases that tend to attack different crops. When you go to make your produce purchases, if price is the same between organic and nonorganic, obviously organic is a healthier choice for fruits and vegetables. This is simply because simply because they were not grown with dangerous fertilizers and pesticides. But if it is a choice between eating regularly grown fruits and vegetables that are not organic, or no fruits and vegetables at all, it is better to have the regular produce. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Is organic food healthier than regular food?"

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