Is there a remedy for the flu?

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The flu as been going around, and I got it BAD. I hate taking medication, even over the counter stuff. I just don’t trust it. Do you know of any good home remedies for getting over the flu?

Okay, sweetie, we really need to talk abut your trust issues. Most modern medication is helpful and can be good for you. Does it come with some risks? Yup. So does breathing. That is a fact of life. So don’t shun medication just because it took modern technology to develop it. That said, there is generally no need to take medication for the flu. The flu is generally viral and is going to last relatively close to the same amount of time no matter how you treat it. There are no miracle cures for the flu, just time and rest. You can, however, do something to ease the symptoms. Start with a menthol rub, under the nose and across the chest to ease breathing, if that’s an issue. Also, consider a humidifier to ease the strain of dryness on your lungs. Next, wash your hands with a good anti-bacterial soap. Do this often until you feel better and then keep doing it. Most flus are spread from germs left on door knobs, countertops, etc. Use a wipe of the handle of the cart at the grocery store and your bathroom door handle. Most importantly, especially if you are feverish, vomitting or have diarrhea, you need to stay hydrated. as a kid one of my favorite ways to do this was with grape popsicles. Even if you can’t keep anything else down, you can usually keep down a popsicle if you let it melt slowly. Your body needs the fluids and the energy (calories) to help it heal.

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The answer to "Is there a remedy for the flu?"

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