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I am thrilled you'd like to link to Ask Granny Remedies from your website! There are a ton people out there who have a lot of questions that need answers. By you placing a link on your site, you'll be giving this helpful website more exposure, and your web visitors will love you for showing them a place they can ask any question... and get a solid answer.

There are two really simple ways to link to our website here.

The first will look like this on your website:

Ask Granny Any Question About Life And Get An Instant Answer

Ask any question you have about life. From love and relationships, to money and finance. Granny and Mamma have got the perfect answer for your specific situation. All you have to do is ask!

All you have to do to get it on your website is to “copy and paste” this simple code:

The second choice is a much simplier looking link. It will look like this:

Ask Granny About Life - Do you have a question about life? Just ask Granny!

Just copy and paste this code to put it on your site:

Thanks so much for helping us get found on the web!

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