Should boys play with dolls and other girl toys?

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Should boys play with dolls and other girl toys?

If you want a well rounded child then let them play with the toys that appeal to them and encourage them to explore a wide variety of toys. When you start pegging a child into something just because it is traditionally thought of as male or female then you stifle your child and limit some of their potential. I knew a man who refused to let his son play with cooking toys and a play kitchen. My thinking on that was here was a little boy who wanted to explore and learn. Cooking is a skill every person needs to know, male or female. Why discourage something that will make him more self sufficient? There are dolls that are more geared towards boys. With baby dolls you can start to teach both boys and girls about being nurturing and loving. Playing with something that is considered more of a girl’s toy is not going to change your child’s sexuality or manliness when he is older if that is what you are worried about. Toys are just toys. It is more our reactions to them and peer pressure that decide that something is more for boys or girls. A small boy may find comfort playing with a doll. It is no different than playing with a stuffed animal except it is in human form. If you watch children at play you can see how they perceive the world and how people interact around them. They mimic what they see. A boy wanting to play at kitchen and dolls is just exploring the world and mimicking what they see in real life. Play is about learning and exploring and pretending. Let them expand their horizons and play with what they find interesting. My daughter plays with dolls, cars, trains, tools, bugs, super heroes, gadgets, and whatever she is curious about and interested in. By not limiting her to what are traditional girl toys, her imagination and creativity and curiosity is phenomenal and her skills and understanding are much broader. The same thing works for boys. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Should boys play with dolls and other girl toys?"

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