Should I look for my birth parents?

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I am adopted and grown up now. I was adopted at 5 months of age. Should I find my birth parents? I don’t really care if I do. I have a great family but people ask me aren’t I interested in finding them and I feel guilty because I am not.

There is nothing for you to feel guilty about. If you are happy, why stir up something you really have no need to pursue personally? Someday maybe you will want to know more but don’t let what other people say influence that decision and if you never do that is fine too. The decision to look for your birth parents has to be something that comes from you or your desire to look into your birth background, maybe even a health issue that could arise. Having an adopted child myself I asked a lot of people who are adopted what they felt about that when my daughter was very small. I wondered if they had looked. Some did and some didn’t. One man said that he was perfectly happy with his family so for him there really was no reason to go looking. One thing to take into consideration is how looking for your birth parents might make your mom and dad feel. Out of respect for people you obviously love, who love you, discuss it with them. I know I have told my daughter if she wants to know more when she is an adult, then I will be supportive in that effort. She knows she has her mommy’s love and that won’t change whether she looks or not. What I know about her birth parents she already knows. You are happy with your family and that speaks volumes to what kind of people your parents are. Make your own decisions about this. People in your life need to respect whatever decision you make and support you in that choice. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Should I look for my birth parents?"

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