Should I pop a blister or leave it alone?

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Should I pop a blister or leave it alone?

I have been told both or either depending on who I was talking to at the times when I have had blisters. Popping a blister does open the wound up to the possibilities of infection but sometimes popping it is less damaging than having it pop open by itself from being rubbed open. Then it is very painful, especially on areas that get a lot of use, like on your foot or heal for example when your shoe rubs against it. I usually lance any I get and drain it then wash it, let it dry and cover it with a bandage. I sometimes put a little antibiotic cream on it to cut the sting and help it to heal, plus protect it. For me they seem to dry out and heal more quickly if I lance and drain them. If you do lance it though, make sure you sterilize the lancing implement first so you aren’t introducing germs to an open wound. A sewing needle or straight pin or even a safety pin has come in handy at different times for me when I have had blisters. A blister is usually filled with a cushion of fluid that has formed to protect a rubbed area from further damage. All you have to do is poke a small hole in the fluid filled bubble with the pin head. They can sting when you drain them initially as the loose skin on top touches the wounded area but that goes away fairly quickly. Make sure you do cover the blister so the raw area doesn’t get rubbed harder. The choice is yours. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Should I pop a blister or leave it alone?"

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