Should I squeeze my pimples and how do you do it?

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Is it a good idea to squeeze a pimple? How should you do it if you do squeeze pimples?

Squeezing a pimple can cause scarring. It can also spread bacteria around making the infected area break out even more. It is better to keep the area clean and let the pimple go away by itself and not squeeze it, just keep it and the surrounding area clean. But human nature often makes us want to pick at or remove blemishes of any kind, including pimples. If you really can’t leave a pimple alone there are better ways to deal with the pimples. You need to clean and wash your hands and the area the pimple or pimples are on. You are less likely to introduce more germs to an open wound that way, once the pimple drains. Make sure you have a clean towel handy to so you can dry you hands and keep them clean if you have more areas of pimples to deal with. Wash the area with a good but gentle soap, even an antibacterial one works well. You can also soak in a tub or warm to hot shower. That will draw the blockage or infection inside the pimple to the surface, so you don’t have to irritate the skin and pores as much when you try to drain the pimple. Using two fingers on either side of the pimple squeeze gently. If you have to squeeze too hard, the pimple should be left alone until it is ready to be drained. If you pinch it too hard you can drive it in deeper or cause more internal damage. Rule of thumb is to leave it alone altogether, but if you can’t stand it, then do it carefully and don’t pop a pimple it if it isn’t opening easily. You can do more damage than good. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Should I squeeze my pimples and how do you do it?"

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