Should I tell my baby he is adopted?

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I just adopted a baby boy and some people are saying I should be open about the adoption as he grows and others are saying no. What should I do?

Congratulations on your new son! This has to be a personal decision and the final choice is up to you. People you know need to respect that choice too. My choice would be to tell him. Make it a positive thing. Let him know you chose him and just what that means to you. If a lot of people know your baby is adopted your son may find out from someone else if you don’t tell your child yourself. My feeling is it is better to be open with your child so there is no shock and is more of a, “yeah, so, no big deal” reaction from them, if someone says something to them. There isn’t the stigma attached to being adopted that there once was. Now it is seen as a very positive thing for both the parent or parents and the child. You both benefit and grow from an adoption. My oldest child is adopted and I have been very open with her about it from the beginning. She knows that she was chosen specifically for her and that it doesn’t matter that I didn’t carry her in me. She is my much loved daughter. That makes her feel very special, very wanted. The other reason is because I have been so open with her about her adoption; she just takes it as part of who she is, so it isn’t a big deal. In fact she is proud of it. She tells a lot of people herself that she was born in Russia and adopted. We have a very close relationship. She sometimes asks me to tell her stories about what it was like in the orphanage and what I felt and saw when I first held her. It is a special and big deal between you and your child but if you are open about it with him from the beginning it is just another one of his features that you love. Adoption is an amazing experience and a blessing. Share that joy with your son and let him know he is the source of that wonderful feeling as he grows. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Should I tell my baby he is adopted?"

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