Should I worry because my child has an imaginary friend?

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Should I worry because my child has an imaginary friend?

Don’t be worried unless the imaginary friend is very destructive. Children create imaginary friends for a number of reasons. Some just enjoy the fun they have doing it. Others feel a need to create an imaginary playmate out of loneliness. They may have no feeling of control and being in charge of an imaginary friend, they can make things happen any way they want to. They can work through communication or personal problems by having an imaginary friend to talk to and pretend with. The imaginary friend will understand the child completely even when they can’t quite express themselves the way they would like to real people in their lives. The child may use the imaginary friend to express some fear or concern they are afraid to express themselves to someone else and by saying the imaginary friend has that fear or concern they may feel that the imaginary friend can take the brunt that they can’t handle directly. They use the imaginary friend to learn from and with. They may even try to use an imaginary friend to blame them for things they have done themselves that they don’t want to get in trouble for. Make sure you deal with any trouble and don’t let your child use the imaginary friend to try stunts you don’t approve of. Tell your child and the imaginary friend that it is not acceptable behavior and nip it in the bud. Kids may use imaginary friends to gain some confidence in their own skills and abilities. An imaginary friend may also help stem fears and help them get a little courage they might be afraid to show directly. Eventually the child will outgrow the imaginary friend. It may be a short phase or a longer one. Be supportive of a healthy imagination but don’t encourage bad behavior if the imaginary friend is only there to test extreme limits. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Should I worry because my child has an imaginary friend?"

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