Should I write thank you note for gifts?

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Should I write thank you notes for gifts?

People have gotten a lot more lax about this once common practice of writing thank you notes for gifts received. Sometimes a note is not necessary if you verbally thank a person for the gift, but the idea of sending a thank you note, whether in the regular mail or by email is still both a courteous and caring thing to do. An acknowledgment of someone else’s kindness or generosity in noticing a special occasion like a birthday, graduation, Christmas, anniversary or wedding, can make an impression on the gift giver showing them that their act meant something to you. If it is coming from far someone not close by it also lets them know you actually received the gift and it wasn’t lost somewhere. If someone makes the effort to give you or anyone a gift, the thank you note is an acknowledgement of that effort and of the time or money spent. Sending a thank you note for a gift is a courteous and a respectful thing to do. It shows that you care about them and their gift in return. It can also brighten someone’s day up to know that what they gave you gave you pleasure which is what gifts are meant to do. Some people consider thank you notes stuffy or unnecessary. If you are all in agreement then maybe it isn’t necessary to send them but that little bit of effort in writing and sending a thank you note, whether by mail or email, can mean a lot to the person or people who gave the gift to begin with. If the environment is a concern, then send it by email if the recipient has access to email. The in the hand thank you note is the best of all though. Don’t send form letter thank you notes to personal acquaintances. A simple short note composed and written by the recipient of the gift is not a difficult thing to do and it can leave a lasting impression. So my feeling is for the most part, yes a thank you note, in some form, is a nice thing to do. It is a nice gesture. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Should I write thank you note for gifts?"

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