Should my 10 year old child have a right to shut me out oif his room?

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Should my 10 year old child have a right to shut me out of his room?

I guess the first thing to ask yourself is who is the parent and whose house is it? When my kids are old enough to have their own places then they can make the decisions about their own house rules. In my home, I am the adult and I am responsible for looking out for my children even when they aren’t too thrilled I am doing it. They have a right to keep each other kids out of their rooms but not me as the parent. That doesn’t mean to rifle through their stuff at every opportunity or not to show common courtesies like knocking on the door to enter their space. I am the person who is responsible for their safety and their welfare. Kids today are exposed to a lot of temptations and dangerous elements even at very young ages. Just because you don’t want them to be exposed or try to protect them the best you can does not mean there are not opportunities to get into the wrong things when they are out of your sight. You hope they make the right choices and teach them how to, but they don’t always make educated or wise choices. They are kids. So if I am concerned about what is going on in their lives or have some suspicion that something is not right I have every right and responsibility to make sure they are out of harm’s way and following the rules of our home. Kids like to hide things. Remember being a kid? Some things are fine to hide. Others are not. That is where being the parent in charge comes in, to teach, guide, talk to and watch over your kids. If that means going into their room to do it, then do it. Communicate with your kids on all levels, even in their own space. That may not be the popular opinion but it is an adult one. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Should my 10 year old child have a right to shut me out oif his room?"

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