What are scabies and how do you treat them?

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What are scabies and how would I know if I have them?How do you treat them?

You may not know you have scabies specifically but you will know you have something because they itch like crazy. Scabies are tiny parasitic mites that can attack anybody of any age. They are more likely to be in areas of your body that are warm and moist but a really bad case of them can spread all over your body. Scabies are contagious by touch and touching things the person who has scabies has been in contact with. Unlike other bites which may itch but are bearable scabies can itch nonstop. The itchy sores can spread quickly. The constant scratching from scabies can cause sores that will get infected and even leave scars. Scabies feel like something is crawling under your skin, which they are. It is a creepy feeling. They burrow and lay their eggs under your skin. For some people the scabies seem to be more active at night which can often cause loss of sleep because the itching is constant and makes it close to impossible to relax. If you have itching that just won’t go away and never seems to stop at any time, get to your doctor before you are totally infested and spread it to other family members. They prescribe creams that you have to apply from your neck down to your toes and leave on for a certain amount of time that will be specified on the packaging. You have to be careful to keep it out of your eyes. It is kind of disgusting but it really works. Bedding, towels and clothing that has been in contact with a person who has scabies should be thoroughly washed and cleaned. This includes things like pillows and stuffed animals. Once you get scabies you scratch incessantly and you need to get it treated right away. Don’t be insulted if they isolate you when you go in to have your skin examined. This can spread on contact but may take a number of days to show up. A friend of mine picked up a case working with a patient in a therapy clinic, so scabies are relatively easy to get. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What are scabies and how do you treat them?"

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