What are some basic tips for houseplant care?

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What are some basic tips for houseplant care?

Obviously different plants require different care; amounts of light, feeding and watering but there are some general houseplant care tips. Make sure the plant has adequate light and water for its own needs. Plant your houseplants in containers that are appropriate for their needs. Many require a good drying out between watering. Others like to stay in soil that is moister. Provide good drainage for your plants. Keep the leaves clean. Sitting in a dusty or smoky house or a kitchen where grease and smoke are bound to affect the plant, it is a good idea to wash or wipe off the leaves on occasion. It will make them look better too and help to remove possible pests. Put the plants in areas where they get adequate light for their individual needs. Some will do fine with less light and others won’t thrive at all or even die when they don’t get the right amount of light. Move them around on occasion to see which area they do the best in. Feed the plants with a general care supplement. There are very simple plant food sticks available for potted plants of different types. All you have to do is stick them in the soil and they do the work for you. Make sure the soil is good. Even houseplants may need fresh clean soil at times. If they need repotting make sure you do that too. Cramped plants that need more root room will not thrive in a pot that is too small. Give them air on occasion. Keep them trimmed and pruned if they need it. Remove dead growth and trim off leggy growth that isn’t filling out properly. You don’t need to fuss over them all the time but pamper your houseplants occasionally and they will thrive on the attention. Mama Nono

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