What are some good sources of natural fiber?

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What are some good sources of natural fiber? I can’t stand that dry fiber cereal and I need more fiber in my diet.

I agree with you. Some of the pure bran cereals taste like dried cardboard. High fiber foods help your body digest by increasing the contractions in your intestine and opening up the colon walls so foods can pass more easily. Fiber itself isn’t digested by your body so it helps other waste pass through. It also absorbs water which makes your food softer and easier to pass through you. There are a lot of sources of natural fiber besides those awful dry cereals. Try eating more fresh fruit. Make sure you eat all of the fruit including the eatable skins. Try eating dried fruits that can absorb a lot of liquid once they are in your system like apricots and prunes. You can even make your own dried fruits to carry around with you. Raw vegetables that are high in fiber will help. They are better raw than cooked, so try eating veggies with dip if the idea of plain raw vegetables doesn’t appeal to you. Veggies that grow underground are a good source of fiber too, carrots or potatoes for instance. Breads made with whole grains are a lot more palatable then those dry cereals made with bran. Bran is really a good source of fiber though and you can sprinkle some loose bran in casseroles in with your vegetables so you don’t notice them as much. Try other kinds of dry cereals that may taste better to you like oatmeal or raisin bran. Don’t forget to drink lots of fluids every day too. Hopefully some of these will help you. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What are some good sources of natural fiber?"

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