What are some tips for easing teething pain in babies?

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What are some tips for easing teething pain in babies?

Teething rings and baby chew toys are one way to help ease a baby’s teething pains. Some teething rings are designed to refrigerate so that when the baby chews on them the cold helps to relieve some of the teething pain. Some are filled with the softer more flexible filling that has some give when the baby is gnawing on it. A simple homemade option is to wet a clean washcloth and put it in the freezer. Use a small soft baby washcloth instead of one of the larger adult ones. Roll it up what before you put it in the freezer. There are medications available ranging from dissolvable tablets to gel that can be rubbed on the sore gums. The gel is analgesic and temporarily helps to numb the baby sore gums caused by teething pain. There is also over the counter children’s analgesic available. But with any of the medications, internal or topical, make sure you read the directions and follow them carefully when you give them to the baby. You can also fill a baby bottle with cold liquid. You may find that a baby who has painful gums will enjoy the sensation of gnawing the bottle nipple or sucking on it to help numb the pain. Teething babies love to put things in their mouth. Sometimes it is because the sensation of gnawing and sucking helps to relieve the pain of teething. It can also help the teeth to break through more easily. When a baby is teething you may notice more drooling and more fussing. Try some of these tricks to help relieve their pain. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What are some tips for easing teething pain in babies?"

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