What are the different purposes for medicines?

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What are the different purposes for medicines?

Medicines are used for three different basic reasons. A medicine can treat an illness or disease that is ongoing like diabetes. It can cure a sickness or disease and finally a medicine can prevent an illness or disease from happening in the first place. That is what immunizations for preventing illnesses like the measles, chicken pox or mumps shots are for. Medicines are amazing but they can only treat what they designed to treat. Some illnesses may overlap or require more than one treatment in order to deal with them. Medicines themselves may cause secondary problems that have to be treated too. Medicines may be used to kill off a germ or treat a symptom of a disease. They may be used to relieve pain or keep an infection or symptom from becoming more serious, even life threatening. Medicines can be used to treat, emotional, physical and mental problems. They are not only limited to physical ailments. The symptoms of an illness or disease may be what makes the condition uncomfortable, painful or unbearable and often medicines can treat these symptoms to either make them go away or at least to make having them more bearable for the person suffering with a problem. Sometimes the underlying illness has to go away on its own but the symptoms are being treated. Medicines can be administered different ways too, by mouth, nose, ear, or eyes, by shots, or even externally on the skin. Some medicines are administered directly into the bloodstream and others have to work their way through the body. It is important to follow directions and guidelines when using any medicine and to pay attention to how they are working for you, even possible negative side effects that can be potentially dangerous or life threatening. Medicines can work miracles or simply relieve distress of many kinds. They have many purposes and come in many forms. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What are the different purposes for medicines?"

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