What are tips for crossing by border into Canada?

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What are tips for crossing by car into Canada?

Times are a little different now since 9/11 and the advent of modern terrorism. The borders between the United States and Canada are not as free and open as they used to be. Be prepared is the rule of thumb. Come with full documentation for yourself, anyone traveling with you and for you vehicle, registration, insurance and so forth. Personal documentation is you a passport for each person traveling, a driver’s license. Be aware of what you may and may not bring across the border and if there are any limitations on particular items like alcohol. If you carry medications of any kind make sure they are kept in separate fully labeled containers whether they are over the counter medications or prescription ones. Anything mixed together in one container or unlabeled can be suspect and confiscated. Respect the regulations. They have the right to do a full search at the border unless you have special immunity. Don’t be surprised if you get randomly picked to have your car completely examined or dismantled. They can do that. They can also look through all your personal belongings. Bad guys don’t just come in one type. Border guards have to look for any suspicious item, behavior or activity and they have that right. They can also turn you away if they find something that does not pass the inspection. Be prepared. Know the rules and regulations and expect just about anything when you cross the border nowadays. Also depending on what border crossing you go to or what time of day, week or year the waits can be very long. See when the least busy time to cross is and try to cross the border then so you aren’t stuck there for hours. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What are tips for crossing by border into Canada?"

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