What are ways to avoid getting the flu?

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What are ways to avoid getting the flu?

The flu is carried by human contact. There are a number of ways you can avoid catching the flu, but unless you can live in a sterile bubble, complete lack of exposure is very difficult. If you know there is a flu big going around, be aware of where cases are showing up. If at all possible avoid those areas. Unfortunately sometimes it is brought to you. Kids are great germ carriers and often bring home the bugs from school. People will come into work situations with contagious germs and often unknowingly pass around the contagious germs by touching things that other people touch and passing on the bug. Stay away from people you know are sick if you can. Keep commonly touched surfaces wiped clean. Wash your hands often and make sure family members do the same. When kids come home form school or adults come in from work or an outing, have every one wash up as soon as they get home. Don’t share eating or drinking utensils. Don’t take bites from each others foods. If you know there is a flu going around avoid large public gatherings where you don’t have control over what or who touches you, coughs or sneezes on you or into the air. In bad outbreaks, public officials may close down large events. Eat healthy and get plenty of fluids. Make sure you get plenty of rest. Doing those basic things can help increase your resistance to a bug taking hold. Every year flu shots are offered for a prevalent form of flu. Some people swear by them and they may also help your resistance to flu bugs. Most of the preventions are common sense. But nothing is going to keep it away 100 percent. Just use your head ot help keep the flu at bay. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What are ways to avoid getting the flu?"

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